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About Us

Prestige Real Estate and Asset Ltd is a consortium of real estate managers with interests in building construction and property management.
Incorporated in Nigeria (RC 815315), the company serves its clients as a trusted ally, providing them astute economic and financial planning, project
management and advisory services within a frame work of trust and mutually beneficial business partnership. We also provide industry standard
architectural 3D-designs and property development services.
In over three years of focused service delivery, we have steadily built our corporate experience and competence in design and construction, sales and
marketing of properties including a number of urban designs and shops, and customized plan-3D design-building services delivered to both satisfy
customer approved specifications and equally comply with global standards and also in partnering with Rolinx Realtors
CONTACT -304, Ikorodu Road, by Anthony bus-stop, Lagos, Nigeria
TEL: +234 8058917262,